Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 coming to a close

It wasn’t until the last week of the year that I realised I could easily sum up my attitude of the last twelve months into once sentence. 2009 was the year of the “I’m going to do this.” By this I mean that all year I have thought about the things I could do, might do, will do in the future and have actually done very little. From January to September it was all about moving house and then from September to December it was all about getting ready for a big family Christmas.

The end of Christmas has left me feeling quite deflated. I finally have no excuses left not to be getting on with all the things I said I could, should, may do.

So, I'm starting a new blog, and I’ll be writing all my plans down on here and I really hope I stick to them. The only thing that is going to stop me is me right?!

I hope that everyone who visited my old site in the last year (and I’m really shocked how many did), enjoyed it and likes this new blog.

To anyone who stumbles across my ramblings, Merry Christmas and I hope you feel as motivated by the coming year as I now do.

Anna x

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