Thursday, 7 January 2010


Well, along with the rest of the UK and other parts of the world we have been snow covered for four days now. I find it amazing how many emotions snow can bring. The children are excited and happy - theyhave built a snowman. The landscape looks so beautiful and I love it the whole time I don’t have to go anywhere, but it’s also frightening and frustrating when you do have to go somewhere and you either can’t get there or it takes twice as long.

I have taken the opportunity to do a bit of knitting. I have been making a knitted tea pot for the girls. Nearly finished and I’ll post photos soon.

My partner has invested in an embroidery machine for me, in the hope I will be able to make a bit of

money with it. That should be here in a few days (weather allowing), which is all very exciting. I’ve never used one before, so practise shall be needed.

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